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Your hosts: Laura and Don Harting
Welcome to our blog! We are glad you are here. We built this blog to provide helpful information to people like you, who are trying to pick the best book for a child, or perhaps a group of children, whose parents have divorced or are splitting up. Whether that child is a son, a daughter, a niece, a nephew, a stepchild, a student, a neighbor, or even yourself, we want to help you make the best choice. There are lots of wonderful books available today. So take your time, browse around, click on the links that interest you most. When you are ready, make your selection.


  1. Laura and Don,
    This is a wonderful site! I cannot say enough good about providing book ideas for children of divorce since books and words are so powerful. Your site is beautiful and functional and a great find for anyone looking to help kids or themselves get through this difficult experience. Great job and keep it up.

  2. Dear Jane:

    Thank you so much for your praise. You really "get it." This site is not just for parents and teachers and counselors. It's also for the kids themselves, provided they are old enough to read. Often in a divorce the "grownups" are incapacitated by their own grief and unable to offer their children the guidance they so much need in a situation like this. So we try to make the blog and the books accessible to kids, as well. And sometime those 'kids' are no longer kids -- they may be young adults or even middle-aged adults! It's amazing how the pain and grief of divorce echo and reverberate down the years. Sometimes you think you're over it, and then all of a sudden something reminds you of the loss and WHAM! you're back in the s - - - -!

    However, tonight I am not in the s - - - -. In fact, tonight I am pleased and proud to announce that my stepson, my nephew, and two of my nieces have all informed me they want to help their Uncle Don and Aunt Laura build this blog. Knowing they are young adults who need moolah, we have offered to pay them to write book reviews to supplement the ones their aunt has already written. I am hoping at least one of them will take us up on the offer and you will soon begin to see more fresh content, added more frequently.

    Again, thanks for writing!

    -- Don Harting

  3. Hi Don and Laura,
    Thanks for the alert to Laura's latest review. I hadn't checked out this site for a while and am delighted to see how it's grown. What a great compendium! And, knowing you as I do, I can certify that the photo of you two is a fine likeness. Keep up the good work.This is a real gift to children whose parents divorce.

  4. Hi Folks,
    Blog's looking good. I see the views have passed the 2K mark. Awesome! Keep up the great work.

    All the best,
    Matt Ryan